Monday, May 3, 2010

100 Species of Garden Animals

100 species of animals that I have photographed in my garden over the past 4 years. This probably only represents 1/10 of the species living in or regularly visiting my garden!


  1. Oh wow....that is just an amazing mosaic. I am in awe of the animals and insects that visit your garden.

  2. What a great way to show all of the creatures large and small. When you think that of all the microscopic wildlife as well, you probably have millions of animals living in your patch of garden.

    I nearly bought a microscope last year. I regret not having bought one when they were on offer in Lidl.

  3. The biodiversity found in even quite small gardens is amazing. Several studies have been carried out which show that the diversity and abundance in many gardens is actually higher than a similar sized area in nature reserves. They are important habitats for many species.